Why CV Bureau

Why CV Bureau?

Save yourself time and effort trawling the internet completing endless apps and forms on multiple websites providing the same information time and time or looking for support and advice to help you update your CV or prepare for your interview. Once you’ve registered your details with us all registered consultants and companies will have free access to your details and be able to contact you to discuss live roles.

Key benefits




Free membership just register your details, build your profile and upload your CV. All registered recruitment companies will then be able to access your details when searching for candidates

  • Our platform allows all registered recruitment consultants and companies to have private, direct access to your details based on the experience you provide to build a simple yet effective profile of yourself.


  • Our simplified approach allows you to showcase your details and experience in just a few simple clicks.


  • Our platform allows you to register multiple selections to showcase your history and experience capturing all the key data needed to match you to that next move upwards in your career.


  • Registered recruiters and consultants can search on the specific skills and experience which they can match to specific role requirements, mirroring the way candidates input their data.


  • Access to loads of digital content to support you on your journey to securing that new role. From preparing for the interview to updating your CV to support future applications, we work with a host of partners and provide access to free digital content to support you.


  • Let the recruiters find you! No need to spend hours on trawling through the internet on multiple platforms searching for roles, only to become frustrating with unproductive searches and more endless emails hitting your inbox.


  • Our flexible location options allow you to select multiple options making your search very specific to the areas that you can work, travel or move too.


  • We won’t bombard you on a daily or weekly basis with emails with irrelevant jobs. We are not a job website and the only in-mails you will receive from us will be from recruitment consultants and companies interested in you for a role.


Additional FAQ’s

How long will it take me to find a job?

This is a difficult one to answer. On average most research suggests that depending on your skills it can take between 3-6 months.  However depending on your specialism it can take longer to find that all important new role.  What is important is for you to consider all aspects of any new job offer, will it provide you with the right career path and the right opportunities which will give you longevity, well being and security.  We spend a lot of time in work, so it is important for our self-motivation and happiness that the job is right for you.


What will our digital platform will give you?

When a recruiter contacts you, you have already met stage 1 of the process! If they’re engaging with you then they are interested in what you have to offer.  The next part is down to you! When you have a face to face or telephone interview it’s down to you to showcase your skills, provide the recruiter with key examples and detail of the experience you have gained.

Our job here at CV Bureau is to provide you with digital content to support you in looking for a new role and work with our partners to promote all of our members! We will be continuously engaging with companies nationally to promote our platform to support CV Bureau members


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