Our story

Working in various senior roles fora large organisation for a number of years I decided it was time to branch out and look for a new role. It had been many years since I had looked externally so I set about searching the web looking for new opportunities to broaden my career and find a new role that would relight my enthusiasm in a work capacity.

What I discovered was not a world of user friendly experiences to help and support me, in fact far from it! As the days and weeks went by it became more and more frustrating as time went on. The endless searches and hours spent on various websites all led nowhere, the constant filling in of forms and drop-down menus registering the same details on separate sites became more and more frustrating all for no real gain.

The questions asked by many were far too detailed asking for needless information all taking up far too much time as well as being too rigid in their ability to record numerous key skills and evidence the experience I had across multiple sectors in a few simple steps.

On a daily basis I’d be receiving, opening and reading multiple emails, supposedly sending me jobs that matched my profile. All pointless contacts, with roles that were so far removed from my profession I started to unsubscribe from them to reduce the constant stream of needless contacts.

The time I wasted completing, opening, reading and repeating was just too time consuming and it was these frustrations that led me to develop a simplistic approach to support people when looking for a new role and so CV Bureau was developed.

A digital platform designed to support people looking for a new role.

Access to digital content to support people looking for a new role or changing their career.

No pointless email sent to you, clogging inboxes with roles that aren’t suitable. We don’t send emails for random roles. We are not a jobs website!

A fast and simple approach to capturing your core skills and experience, what you do and what you have done in your career, so people can find you for the role they need to fill.

All registered recruitment agencies and consultants get free access to our members, so they can make direct, productive contact with people to discuss live roles that match your skills.


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